GeoTrends is a political risk consultancy specialized in ‘economic statecraft’, in political conflicts fought with economic weapons (economic and financial sanctions, import- and export embargoes, trade measures…) and how political risk transfers through networks.

We combine deep political analysis with an understanding of our client’s economic network to provide our clients with actionable insights.

What distinguishes GeoTrends is our personal approach, we provide customized solutions for the specific needs of our clients.

We assist firms in identifying geopolitical risks, monitoring them and adapting their export market strategy and supply chains.

We help firms in identifying new markets where there’s a favourable balance between economic opportunities and political risks.

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GeoTrends was founded by Hans Diels in 2017. Hans worked at a Belgian employers organization, as a Belgian representative to the EU’s Trade Policy Subcommittee on Services and Investment and acquired international and political experience while working at the Belgian Parliament and the US embassy and as a researcher on international governance at the University of Antwerp. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Political Science Magna Cum Laude from the University of Louvain, a postgraduate degree in International Relations Cum Laude from the Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve and studied economics through the LSE External Programme.